Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, this being my first post I am not sure what to write. Why did I start a blog?  Writing's kind of my thing, I guess. The life of a teenage high school er isn't all so interesting. However, I'll do my best to keep you interested and updated in my ever-so-challenging high school pursuit.
As you can tell from my blog name, country is most definitely who I am.  Most people don't understand the importance of agriculture in our country and in our world.  As a current FFA and 4-H member, I am pursuing a life in the agricultural industry.  Let me tell you right now, without agriculture in our world, we would be nowhere. 
Agriculture ways are still growing, maturing, and advancing.  Young people, like me, will soon be the ones remembered as the ones who have made a difference in the world. Yes, you will have doctors who will some day find a cure for cancer, athletes who will break world records, and agriculturists who will use the power of innovation to grow bigger, healthier, and better tasting food for the world to eat. <3
So, I am now the proud three-day owner of ducks. I have two. They are currently sleeping in my bedroom because it's too cold for them outside. I don't know any other girl who would let ducks sleep in her room, but this one does. Their names are Daffy and Red. Daffy is a runt, but I picked him first. Red is absolutely adorable, and she looks most promising.
That's all for today.

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